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The One-Man-Blues-Orchestra

It is not a simple undertaking to adequately describe the work and art of this exceptional musician. Steve White, 55, lives near San Diego, California. He has developed a unique sound and style seldom heard in our region. With his live shows he leaves his audience spellbound with the impression that they're listening to an entire band.

He celebrates a blues-drenched ‘songwriter performance’ of the finest order. It would be an injustice to simply label him a ‘Bluesman’ although his music owes more than a nod to that tradition. 

Even the songs he hasn't written himself become his when he plays them. His style is expressive and highly percussive. Listen to Steve. Here is what you get: His guitar in a low tuning of his own invention, he plays a bass line while alternating a slap-string right hand style with rhythmic accents on the off-beats, playing the guitar-top like a drum. With a slide on his pinky, a wailing blues harmonica on a rack in front of his mouth filling the breaks between raspy-voiced verses, and his clog-shod feet drumming away on an amplified footboard of his own design - the concert audience experiences a musical thunderstorm. 

John D’Agostino calls it a ‘voodoo symphony of pings, plonks and wacks’. Steve’s entire performance is unbelievably virtuosic; he neither emphasizes the technical tricks, nor are they perceptible. Only when one consciously tries to separate all the elements can one detect the complexity of the mix.
Steve White is the worldwide endorser of market leader AER (manufacturer of high-quality amplifiers and equipment for acoustic instruments). Because of this collaboration, his successful guest appearances, concert tours, and festival shows in addition to performances at fairs and exhibitions take him around the entire globe. 

The European public is in the process of discovering him. He continues to build his excellent reputation through his 7 CD releases, his steadily growing audience, and his outstanding concerts that capture considerable media interest. According to industry experts, the time is right to introduce Steve White to a broader audience in this country.

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