Dutch multi talented musician/producer BJ Baartmans was born in 1965.

bjbaartman.jpgIn the early 80's, as he began writing and performing his songs, he also developed a strong desire to record and capture this original music on tape. Armed with two cassette decks, a hi-fi and a radio shack microphone the possibilities to overdub guitar, vocal or drum parts to a simple song form opened up a fascinating world of sound for him.
With his finger nail, he would tap out bass parts on the neck pickup of his Japanese Strat with all the treble rolled off, or construct rhythm parts with his mom's frying pans (great cowbellsound) and salt shakers (shake it baby!), playing the part on one speaker, while recording a new instrument on the other. School days were soon to end....

Within a couple of years he managed to get his hands on a real Tascam four track cassette recorder, making man and machine a perfect match. Soon he added a budget Lexicon reverb and a real AKG mike and an endless stream of home made demos, with wild sound experiments and freaky little guitar symphonies began to appear.
In the meantime, gigging, rehearsing and writing turned his love of rock, jazz, folk and blues music into a real job, with recording being still mostly a side project. But more and more, musician friends would ask BJ to help them make demos or self-released tapes.