her new album rocks! ”live love travel free“ is an exciting first class road trip. Via broad, sunny rock-boulevards it leads to country-pop freeways and takes the listener with short folky stops sometimes sinisterly, sometimes longingly thru the night. The lyrics tell of searching and finding—in oneself and in others—, of being on the road in life and love, and of simply being happy.

meike_koester.jpgKoester blends her colorful musical ideas and lyrics into an idiosyncratic and ingenious mixture. Some songs immediately snuggle up to the listener's hearts and ears, while others unfold their profound charm only upon deeper listening.
For her third band album meike koester worked closely together with Olaf Reitmeier (Bosse, Hyper Child), who not only furnished her songs with groovy impulses on the electric guitar, but also as producer bestowed a fresh modern sound on the whole album.The result is a versatile record that offers intelligent lyrics with catchy hooks among poppy road songs, harder rock tracks and three wonderful ballads.
The attractively designed 16-page color CD booklet by the team Kempka / Ammerpohl / Schade evokes wanderlust and renders the CD a popular collector's item among meike 's fans.
“live love travel free” is not only a big step in meike 's musical career, it also marks a turning point in her band constellation. The masterful performances of Helge Adam (piano) and meike 's musical companions of many years, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo (drums) and Lars Lehmann (bass), mark a transition for the group, as the musicians turn their attentions to their own musical projects. The new man on the drums, Christian Prescher, is featured on two tracks on this album. Peter Stoschus now grooves on the bass. Although this is indeed a sad farewell, the change brings with it an exciting new beginning—and the absolute joy with which this new band plays is clear to see.