5.jpgwas born in Ukraine in 1975. He was only 4 when he started his career as a musician, playing piano. His first guitar was offered to Vitaly when he was 10 years old. But it is only two years later, that he understood that this instrument will help him to express himself fully. He was around 24 when he tried to play the “Tapping”. Today, he masters perfectly this method, and gifted as he is, makes Vitaly a great virtuose.

PLAYING STYLE: Tapping. This specific method is kind of hard to play for any musician who takes the risk of playing that way, and wishes to play at a professional level. There is nothing in common with the traditional way of playing guitar. It is closer to piano playing than guitar. Per instance, the hand’s position is reversed, the right hand playing the G note and the left one playing F. This applies also for the fingers. The way Vitaly plays is totally unusual, and makes every guitar playing Stars wonder how he does it!...Nobody understands his play and his virtuosity.

Vitaly is currently starting his international career as Concertist. He plays mainly with an IBANEZ Guitar, and the second one, tuned differently, is a VIGIER ‘Excalibur Show Lane Clear Black” guitar, particularly suited for playing “Tapping”, as the strings are closer to the neck.

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