was born in Paris on 30th January 1958 (the same day as Phil Collins…)

He learned classical piano at the age of 12, then electric guitar at 15, then bass guitar at 16.
He played 6 string bass guitar since 1990.
He took bass lessons with Francis Darizcuren (Michel Legrand), then harmony classes at the American School of Modern Music in Paris.
Professional since 1987, Jean-Louis Foiret played with the following singers : Clyde Wright of the famous Golden Gate Quartet, Hervé Vilard, Georges Guétary, Corinne Hermès, Nicoletta, Laurence Allison, and Jean-Claude Borelly.

Regarding orchestras, he played with: Le Big Band de Roger Guérin, L’Orchestre du Cirque Alexis Gruss, L’Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio France, as well as L’Orchestre  de la Compagnie d’Opérette Art Com.
He also played with some of the greatest Blues artists: Luther Allison, Bernard Allison, Jean-Marie Ecay, Patrick Verbeke, Mauro Serri, Jean-Michel Kajdan, Pat O’May, etc...
Composer and producer, Jean-Louis Foiret made 4 solo records, and was in charge of directing Basses Influences I, II and III compilations (XIII Bis Records / Musidisc). He appeared as guest on several compilations. He played on a certain number of albums of various styles as a studio musician.
After having been demonstrator  for the brands: Vigier, Lag, Hohner, Yorkville, Jean-Louis Foiret is in collaboration with Gallien-Krueger amplifiers, and Warrior and Crafter bass guitars.
Music teacher, Jean-Louis Foiret published 4 educational videos (one of which was translated in Italian), 6 educational booklets and is in charge of  the magazine Bass Method (Connection).
In addition, Jean-Louis Foiret is a journalist and wrote for the following music magazines : Guitare et Claviers, Bass Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, Cd’s, Univers Celtes, and is now working with Musique Celtiques and Bassextrême.
He is presently recording a “Celtic Bass” solo album. Last but not least, this summer, Jean-Louis Foiret will be acting in a movie, as a musician, with French Rock Star, Johnny Halliday.

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