LBKevin Barry Moore was born on 23 May 1955 to Nancy Power and Andy Moore of Newbridge in County Kildare, Ireland.
He is the youngest member of the family and has three sisters and two brothers.

Barry was educated by the Patrician Brothers in Primary School and by the Dominican Fathers in Newbridge College. He formed a group with his brother Andy and best friend Pat Kilbride – Aes Triplex – while in Newbridge College. He went to College in Limerick where he studied Russian and European Studies. He dropped out after a couple of years in order to concentrate on his music.

Music was an intrinsic part of his life growing up. All of the family sing and play, but Barry had his own way and style of making music. From a very early age he was writing songs and honing his skills as a serious guitar player. He first went on tour as the support act to his eldest brother, Christy Moore, in 1969. This was a tour of English folk clubs. He was all of fourteen years of age. From then on Barry spent all of his time writing songs and playing guitar. Around this time he wrote ‘Jenny Of The Sun’ and ‘Wave Up To The Shore’ – which was recorded by Christy in 1976.

 He did gigs around Ireland, from the Meeting Place (a hot spot for music in the 70s and 80s) in Dublin to McGanns (still one of the best pubs in Ireland for a traditional music session) in Doolin and all places in between, back and forth, up and down the country. In 1977 he toured Germany and England as part of the group Inchiquin, the other members being Noel Hill and Tony Linnane. Micho Russell was also part of this tour and Barry became close to Micho and still calls him a hero. His song ‘Hands of a Farmer’ is dedicated to Micho. In 1978 he released his first album ‘Treaty Stone’ which include classic Barry songs.

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