An intimate, cozy music club. The lights go on softly. On the stage a woman, two guitars and a microphone. An electric atmosphere in the auditorium and then the first notes: Christina Lux's voice enwraps the soul and brings sensually dark melancholy and touching joy to the ears with an extraordinary intimacy.

She dances between soul and folk, breaks out into multi-colored, percussive scat vocals and tells of journeys on the bumpy roads of her inner life. Of the courage to take the difficult road, straight through the pain, hopelessness and bitterness into a poetry, which suddenly lets everything happen, that make sense. Christina Lux asks uncomfortable questions, is political, critical, unadjusted - and yet she is no protest singer. She is too personal and fragile for that.

"One of the finest CDs of the last months, with a quality and depth that come close to the best moments of such authorities as Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman", so enthused the German magazine AKUSTIK GITARRE about Christina Lux's last album "Coming Home At Last". (Released as well in the U.S. with Sequoia Records)
'Lux - Pure & Live' brings these songs, originally recorded as a quartet, right back to their essence: vocals and guitar. Christina Lux charms with a charismatic performance, with a voice between satin soft timbre and strong soul singing and with a guitar style that builds the perfect accompaniment for the heartfelt songs - from lively, funky rhythms to tender pearled chords. She leaves time to breathe and for improvisation and so it is that unique songs are formed that only exist on this evening. A master of "instant composing".

Christina Lux touches us with passionate articulation, with devotion and presence, with authenticity, with a spiritual life that has moved into wonderful music.

'Lux - Pure & Live' is more than concert documentation. This recording is a sensual experience of the highest quality and it whisks us away into the musical and spiritual world of a highly individual artist.

Christina Lux has worked with Jon Lord, Pe Werner, Purple Schulz, Mick Karn, Edo Zanki, Chris Jones and many more.

She supported Paul Young, Midge Ure and Long John Baldry


1998 She is me
1999 Little Luxuries
2001 Pure Love
2003 Live aus dem Stadtgarten Köln
2006 Coming Home at Last
2007 Pure&Live
2010 DVD – Live aus der LOLA, Hamburg


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