Dan Graper    

Thanks for you kind words Dan...

Playing in a pit orchestra requires demanding skills and versatility from both musicians and their equipment. Any amplification must be powerful, compact and reproduce instrumentation with ultimate clarity. I just finished our show run of "West Side Story" using my new AER Compact 60-3 with Classical guitar, electric guitar and mandolin. The AER amplifier performed like a champ with every instrument change and required a very small footprint which is essential playing in the pit so close to other musicians. The sound crew was also very impressed giving many positive comments such as "I can't believe all that sound comes from that small amp..." and "The sound is so clear and big, it does not seem possible with an amp of that size.."


Keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

Dan Graper 
Orchestral pit guitarist, 
Philadelphia, USA



Eric Johnson

We have a new member in the AER family:

Let's give a big welcome to Eric Johnson! He's playing through our Compact XL 200W acoustic amp. More about Eric on our artist page or on his website.

If you're in the united states, catch him on tour this summer and fall: www.ericjohnson.com/tour


Photo: Max Crace


Eric Johnson Web

Peppino D'Agostino

Our friend just released his new CD called "Penumbra". Follow the link to find out more about Peppino and his music on his very own website or click the youtube video below to see this "Great Guitars" member in action.


Peppino on Youtube


Peppino D'Agostino - Penumbra




Lakewood Workshop Tour 2014


From end of october until early november Lakewood guitars is running a workshop tour through 15 different german cities. More information will be given on the workshop website by clicking on the picture below.
Every attendee has got the chance to win one of our AER Compact 60 III besides other worthy prices.

ws banner1

  ws banner2


Pat Coldrick

coldrick album

New album "City Jam" released.

It's already getting top reviews everywhere and we're proud to hear that Pat's Compact Classic Pro has taken part on every recording for this album.

  coldrick jam 2014


Monte Montgomery



  • Monte‘s playing is more than powerful, loud and dynamic he is making use of a lot of effect pedals - a rather electric/acoustic than acoustic/electric sound – Monte’s sound!
  • he volume, as such, the percussiveness and the almost physical attack of the instrument within his style needs a relaxed amp, with lot’s of headroom, effective but “understated” dynamic control and a sound reproduction that that blends the directness and attack with a mild and melodic character.
  • A live amp, made for the stage (sic!) that works for Monte as a Soloist, as well as with the Band, that supports him with punch and intelligibility.
  • Easy to operate, with the sound right there - without tweaking and bending – and all the time. Ruggedness and reliability match perfectly to Monte’s needs.
  • Besides that a valuable additional source for recording especially due to superb preamps and audio-circuits along the signal pass. Line and DI-out deliver the sound at full.
  • Last, but not least, the Mute-Switch, the “Monte Mute”, a feature indispensable for Monte’s needs. Push a button and the amp is completely quiet!

We're starting to ship.
Ask your local dealer!

Monte Web



David Russell



1953 born in Glasgow.


A scottish/spanish classical guitarist.
His new AER classical amplifier:
A few words:
"I am really happy to have my new amplifier made by AER. The quality of the sound is excellent and faithfully reproduces the tone of my guitar. It offers me the possibility to play in many halls where the acoustics are not perfect. AER advances in amplification for classical instruments are unsurpassed.
This speaker I use has been made with classical music in mind. It enhances the tone of the guitar in such a way that I can play in larger halls and the audience are able to appreciate the inner quality of the instrument and enjoy the inherent beauty of the music."

David Russell




I've been...


...on tour this month in South America
with the legendary french singer Charles Aznavour.
Franck Bedez




No matter how.

Never travel without your AER amp. Can you surpass this?     
Mail us a photo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..     


AER bass amp transp

Franck Bedez
Don’t miss one of these remarkable concerts – with Franck Bedez playing AER bass amps.  

bedez ferrone

Franck Bedez     

New among the friends of AER: Franck Bedez, french bassist (electric and double bass), plays AER AmpOne and AmpTwo and says: „The sound is pure and the Eq is well defined for both electric and acoustic bass. I'm sure the sound I hear is mine and also that it is what is heard in the front house, which is important for me. The overall quality is just awesome. Bravo!"




Pat Coldrick

New among the friends of AER: Pat Coldrick – „One of the finest and most versatile guitarists in Ireland“. Pat uses AER Compact ClassicPro-amps, e.g. when he is playing together with the RTE-Concert-Orchestra   



Coldric 1

Frederik Konradsen

was born in Madagascar, grew up in Denmark and is actually living in Berlin. His blend of vocals and guitar playing creates a spectacular solo act, both for street performing, private parties and live gigs at venues.

His act has brought him around the world, playing and performing in countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, The U.S., Madagascar, South Africa, India and several countries in Europe.

Frederik is touring with his AER CompactMobile battery-powered amp which allows him to turn every appropriate place into a stage for his performance. As you can see: He never parts with his CompactMobile and even takes it as cabin luggage when he is flying - not really recommended - but it works!

Frederik on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDIToIuVRFk&feature=related




Andrés Godoy

New among the friends of AER: Andrés Godoy. The chilean guitarist lost his right arm after an accident in the age of 14, but he didn’t lose his passion for playing guitar. Over long years, he developed his own unique playing-technique. Since 2006 he is giving concerts worldwide and inspires a constantly growing number of fans and musicians through his fascinating guitar-style.

Here is one of many videos with Andrés and his Tatap-style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QFdvxnI3DY


Godoy Foto
andrés gogoy

The department

of business-development of the town of Recklinghausen is running an image-campaign featuring regional companies, which products are well known and sold all over the world.

In November 2012 the focus is on AER Amps – The Acoustic People, using a jazz-guitar as eye-catcher plus a picture from our top-amp AcoustiCube3. Between November 6th and 26th the posters are disposed at several places in the area of our hometown.







Peter Autschbach

The „No Boundaries“-tour of Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger started Oct. 25th and is supported (among others) by AER.

Peter plays his acoustic guitars through the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II, which he controls by the footcontroller MFC101.

The crystal clear stereo-signal is fed into an AER-PA consisting of two Acousticube combos mounted onto two subwoofers via distance rods. The system provides 1020 watts and produces a really outstanding sound.
For tour dates, videos and music visit:


Autschbach 2 



Andrea Soler

and her guitarist James Ross have completed this 
year‘s trip to Europe and are back in Australia.

Two AER Compact Mobile2-amps
have been their reliable backline and
ensured an outstanding tone plus
sufficient volume throughout the tour.

James Ross wrote us: „On behalf of
Andrea Soler Music, I would like to say
a huge thanks to AER for providing us
with the amazing amplification during
our three-month tour. We have made
it back to Australia safe and sound.
After 50 shows, 10 countries and many
amazing stories we are ready to start
making the feature documentary.”

Two videos (England/Scotland) are already
online available and there are more to come,
so visit  Andrea’s website regularly:


AndreaSoler JamesRoss Web 











Andrea Soler    

Frank Haunschild
   Workshop & Concert

A workshop plus concert with Frank Haunschild and
the „Electric Trio” will take place
onNovember 16th/17th in the new showroom
of Around Music (AER Distribution,
www.aroundmusic.de) in Fuldabrueck
(near Kassel, Germany).

Frank is one of the most demanded
jazzguitarists and tutors in Germany and concerning
acoustic amplification, he trusts in AER products
for many long years now. The number of
workshop-participants is limited, thus a  
registration is essential up to October 31st,
for further information click here.


Workshop Haunschild 






Chris Kramer

In September Chris Kramer has been voted as “Best Harp”-winner of the German Blues Award 2012.

Chris wants to thank all of you who voted for him and takes the prize as additional stimulation for all his future activities. For news and tour-data visit his website:


 Kramer Kommt Promo-Foto aktuell-2


Dream Street

Ariana Gillis and her father David have recently been featured on the Vimeo eTown-channel. Watch their impressive live-performance of the song “Dream Street” from Arianas 2011-CD “Forget me not”:




Andrea Soler
The australian singer/songwriter Andrea Soler is currently on her Daydreamer-Tour, equipped with 2 AER Compact 60-2 amps: „Thanks to AER amplification for giving us the best acoustic amps in the world! Yay!” With her mix of Indie-Folk, Jazz, Roots and WorldMusic she has gained an ever growing fan base throughout the last years, in her video-diary she shows impressions from the first (UK-) part of her tour.

Visit Andrea here    
Al di Meola    

Legendary guitarist Al Di Meola has made AER his acoustic amp of choice.

Al employs an AER Compact Classic Pro amp as he and his band World Sinfonia tour his latest album, ‘Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody’!


Visit Al's Site    

Chris asked for voting!  
Vom 01. Juli bis 31. Juli 2012 wird zum
German Blues Award gevoted.
Abstimmen darf jeder, der über eine Email-Adresse verfügt und sich hier:
Blues Baltica registriert und anmeldet und anmeldet.

  Kramer Kommt Promo-Foto aktuell-2


Ulf Wakenius via e-mail:



"Hi Udo!

We couldn't have done such a great concert in Thailand without the AER Dual mix!!

It is amazing!!!

Best from Ulf



Visit Ulfs ACT Site    

 Shaun Hopper    

Acoustic "fingerstyle" guitar wizard Shaun Hopper is at first glance an unassuming presence, a true southern gentleman whose humility stands in stark contrast to the prodigious talents he unveils on stage. An unparalleled master of the fret-board. Merging complex melodies, harmonies and bass lines along with a one-of-a-kind mix of percussive elements, he captivates everyone within earshot. Whether his listeners are guitar enthusiasts or not matters little, within a few seconds they soon realize that they are listening to a true virtuoso. Hopper's original compositions and arrangements of pop tunes are infused with all the cutting edge techniques and flavorings embraced by the new breed of You-Tube sensations, including influences like Adam Rafferty, Andy McKee and Don Ross. Yet, it is his traditional and schooled "approach" to music which keeps him unquestionably steeped in, and inspired by, the greats. Influences include guitar legends; Chet Atkins, Andres Segovia, Tommy Emmanuel, George Benson, Michael Hedges, Martin Taylor, Buster B. Jones, Pete Huttlinger and Leo Kottke, just to name a few. The final result is a signature style which crosses over the full range of musical genres; Alternative, Folk, Classical, Celtic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Percussive New Age.


Visit his Website or on Youtube   or try to catch him live.

Tommy Emmanuel in Canada

Some shots from the recent Tommy clinic presented
by AER at MSP Musique, Quebec City.

a sounding success.
Some shots:

TommyE 3ÂÂÂ TommyE 2

  TE in Canad

Ariana Gillis

Not every young Canadian singer-songwriter
gets to launch her CD with a live appearance on the

US satellite station Sirius XM.

  ariana News

Visit her Website

  or try to catch her live.

Stephane Wrembel

He’s been called “a revelation” by Rolling Stone.
Woody Allen recruited him to score the theme for last year’s smash film Midnight in Paris, and he performed the
irresistibly catchy original song live during
the 2012 Academy Awards.

  Stephane Wrembel

Watch him on Youtube

  or try to catch him live.

Maximize tone

... the colourizer a new element in Tommy Emmanuel's
signal chain.

Seen, checked and immediately used in Essen's
Philharmony concert in November 2011.
See him play, hear him and be amazed!"

Watch him on Youtube   or try to catch him live.

Emil Ernebro    

A young swedish shooting star amongst the friends of AER



Watch him on Youtube
  or try to catch him live.

..."it isn’t over when it’s over" ... just so sad you left. Relieved though that your terrible struggle is over - you where so brave and strong and took it all as it came. But tears just keep rolling. We will keep on doing
our thing inspired by you, your music, your attitude your commitment. You will always be part of it. Thank you brother. Drop us a line from time to time to remind us if we are still on track and how it is where you are ..."a condo with to die for view" and if the music is good up there. …
With Love from all of us

Home Away From Home
Neues Album von Steve White.
Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge präsen-
tierten wir zur Musikmesse 2011 das neue Album von Steve
White, einem einzigartigen amerikanischen Künstler,
der sich als one man blues band und singer songwriter
auch in Deutschland mehr und mehr Freunde gemacht hat.
Wie der Titel schon vermuten lässt, geht es um kleine
Geschichten unterwegs – zu Hause und doch nicht zu Hause.
It’s not over until it’s over - so gilt das weinende Auge
der Tatsache, dass dieses Album die letzten Gesangsauf-
nahmen sind, da Steve von uns gegangen ist.
Das Album ist eine gelungene Kombination aus Songs von
Steve White und seiner Malerei.

Produziert wurde das Album als gemeinsames Projekt von
Steve, AER und Tonastödin. Die Aufnahme erfolgte in
„Hljodriti”, einem der ältesten Studios Islands.

Das Album sowie die Bilder von Steve können direkt über

uns bestellt werden: +49(0)561 - 92015303.
  CD SteveWhite

AER on 'Woodsong' Stage
As a result of the partnership, a selection of AER amps – which include the Alpha and Compact 60 acoustic guitars amps, as well as the Basic Performer bass amp - are available to the performers who take to the WoodSongs stage every Monday evening. WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour is a weekly multi-media celebration of grassroots Americana music. Performances are taped in the Kentucky Theater in Lexington, KY, and produced and hosted by Michael Johnathon.
The program is broadcast on over 500 radio stations worldwide
and on the American Forces Radio Network in 173 countries. Additionally, the televised program shown on PBS stations is seen by millions of North Americans, and millions more listen or watch online.
“We’re thrilled to be involved in WoodSongs,” says Erik Lind, AER’s Product Manager at Musiquip, the brand’s American distributor. “Michael’s show has become a treasured piece of the folk, roots and Americana music landscape, and the stage has witnessed some magical moments since it all began in 1999.The show has welcomed AER artists in the past such as Tommy Emmanuel and Frank Vignola, and we saw it as an exciting opportunity to introduce AER amps to more of today’s greatest acoustic artists. We’re proud to have AER amps on the WoodSongs stage.
  Woodsong stage