Tach auch

That’s how we say “hello” in the Ruhr Area:

Further north, they say “Moin Moin”.

We answer “Wie is”? and we mean “how y’a doin” and the other person says “Muss” which means something like, “Oh, keeping going”.

It sounds rough, but at least it’s sincere, honest, somewhat taciturn... and those few words carry a lot of meaning.

But the Ruhr Area isn’t only well-known for its dialect or its soccer – clubs like Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund – or its beer, but also for its success in transforming what was once an area of heavy industry (coal and steel) into a versatile, modern, industrial landscape. An interesting landscape with theaters, orchestras, bands, clubs, universities, and a whole range of innovative enterprises ... a conglomerate - lively and exciting.
No wonder that the accepted best amplifying systems for acoustic instruments are developed and built in the Ruhr …that’s why you’re here! “German Engineering” and the evergreen slogan “Made in Germany”... along with some local color and the necessary gentle mix of humor and hard work.
... so “Tach auch” and come on in!