paulvernonchester.jpgThe Man
Paul Vernon Chester is a phenomenal guitarist and composer having begun playing guitar as an infant and emulating his hero Django Reinhardt over a lifetime of hard but rewarding effort.  He has now reached the peak of his powers and is truly World Class as a performer of the Manouche Swing  or Gypsy Jazz Genre.  He can hold an audience in silent rapture as he demonstrates his intricate and amazing skills on acoustic guitar.  He delivers both tender emotional interpretations on ballads and a driving attack on up tempo numbers; both worthy of his mentor.  Standing ovations are the norm and results in an audience that is most reluctant to leave.  The Manouche Maestro and The Wizard of Walsall has also earned huge respect from his fellow musicians in the genre .

The Music
His style of Music and composition transcends all barriers and appeals to very wide audiences indeed, Folk, Jazz, Swing, Nostalgia, etc and he entertains magnificently in the true tradition of an itinerant Master Musician with an intimate contact ability.  This is acoustic music without digital trickery, as with all great folk music it is very high art, and the European flavour of the Manouche Gypsy Jazz sound is readily identifiable to a very wide audience indeed.  Whilst based in the jazz tradition the infectious enthusiastic format appeals to anyone who enjoys a live music performance.  We encourage you to view his live videos for a brief introduction to this deep well of home grown talent.  His repertoire is very extensive and this hard working duo delivers considerable value and provides entertaining anecdotes when introducing the individual compositions.